SLA Academy

Encore Beauty

On Saturday, 12 th November, the SHE Room welcomed, Maureen Bartlett and Shannon Earls from SLA Academy/Encore Beauty. These 2 extremely generous women shared their extensive knowledge of skin care and make-up application with the eager SHE Room women.

We learned about the exemplary benefits of bananas used in the exclusive skin care range from SLA Academy – Kadylys. We got to try the numerous products in this range, from peels and masks that made your skin yellow or green (yes depending on whether young or ripe bananas were used in the making), to the most luxurious moisturisers and oils. The smell and textures of the Kadylys range were extraordinary and we got to sample them all!

One of the favourite products of the SHE Room, was the affectionately titled – “spac filler”, also professionally known as Photo Finish. A remarkable product that helps ease away the wrinkles. But the afternoon wasn’t all about pampering, there was some serious advice offered by Maureen and Shannon about the importance of a good beauty regime for our self-esteem. Maureen and Shannon through SLA Academy offer various courses to women young and old, but particularly like working with young women to help them gain confidence in themselves. A healthy self-esteem is critical to our well-being.

Whilst we were sampling the product, Shannon was also making the face up of one of our participants, Susan. Whilst Susan is a beautiful woman, Shannon’s professional make-up treatment made Susan shine. She looked gorgeous and she felt good! We received tips on how to apply foundation, concealer and eye shadow. Who would have thought after quite a few decades of applying make-up (for most of us anyway), that we would know so little about how to do it correctly?

Once we were finished “gooing” and “gahhing” over the makeup we got down to the serious business of making Christmas cards. One of our foundation SHE Room ladies, Larissa, shared her love of card making with the rest of the group and we finished the afternoon having conquered the use of the Big Shot. The result – the most gorgeous Christmas cards that we can now give to somebody special!