Power of Affirmations

By Kim Honor

Kim was the SHE Room’s inaugural speaker. Her topic, the Power of Affirmations laid an appropriate foundation for the principles of the SHE Room. We all know, we are our worst enemies. With our negative chatter and self-deprecating ways, it us ourselves who cause us most injury, not others.

Kim started her presentation with an emotive l story of the struggles she faced in her youth. Having gained a reputation at a young age for being a powerful speaker, she was invited to speak at a UN conference as an 18 year old. An extraordinary achievement for somebody so young and just starting out in their career. Though before she got the opportunity to fly, her wings were severely clipped by domestic circumstances, the most painful of which was having to face a debt collector on the day of her wedding.

Kim encouraged all of us, through her story, to never give up. Whilst life does throw us all curve balls, it is how we catch them that is important. As difficult as things become, being kind to ourselves and truly learning to value the goodness within us all, is invaluable in moving beyond the pain and into the lightness again.

Kim moved and inspired us all to find acceptance and to appreciate our very being – she is a truly inspirational speaker.

As a conclusion to Kim’s presentation, we all took time to reflect on what was important to us and to colour-in an Affirmation Frame. Within the frame we wrote our own personal quotes – as a reminder of how we want to continue on our journey.